The Epilogue

In this final sermon of our incredible two-year Acts Series, Pastor Dan shows that the book of Acts was only the “cover page” for what was to come in the history of the church empowered by the Holy Spirit. In this message, we will discover the most important things we can do with our lives […]

A Faithful Witness

Do you have friends or family members that don’t know Christ? We all do. And sometimes they are the hardest people to tell about Jesus and His way of salvation. In this sermon, listen carefully as Pastor Dan shares the secret to becoming a faithful witness for Christ.

Making the Time

Of all the resources that God gives us, our time is one of the most important. You can’t save time, you can only spend it. And mature Christians have found the secret to spending their time on the most important things. As you listen to this sermon by Pastor Dan, ask yourself if you are […]

Blessings in Disguise

Have you ever doubted if God was really in control? Perhaps you had these feelings because of a major trial in your life. But what if your trial was actually meant to be a blessing in disguise? As you listen to this sermon, ask God how He wants to use you to minister to others […]

Out of Your Control

How do you react when your life feels out of control? As Christians, our response is different than the rest of the world. In this sermon, Pastor Dan teaches us how to maintain a focused and godly perspective from the Apostle Paul’s shipwreck narrative.

Lifelong Friendships

Who is in your circle of friends? God has blessed us with relationships in order to build His kingdom. In this message Pastor Dan explains the different types of friendships that God uses in our lives to fulfill His purpose.

What’s Your Story?

God is writing the story of history and you are in it! Sometimes life gets tough. But, as we’ll hear from Pastor Dan’s message, we can keep our focus on God’s purpose when we realize that we are a part of something bigger.

The Only Accusations

How much do you care what other people say about you? Some people don’t care at all, but others are driven by what others say. In this sermon, Pastor Dan shows us that if others are going to talk about us…this is what we want them to talk about.

Remaining Faithful

Have you ever gone on a trip, but forgot to pack your toothbrush or phone charger? The frustration of leaving something behind could have been prevented if you had just taken the time to inspect everything. In the same way, there are seasons of life when we get frustrated because our circumstances don’t meet our […]

Paul on Trial

Today’s world has little concern for the truth. Instead, the “jury of popular opinion” tends to rule the day. In this sermon, Memorial’s Youth Pastor, Cameron Machen, shows us the godly principles needed to stand firm in the face of the world’s agenda-driven viewpoints.