Last Words

What would you say if you knew that today was the last time you would ever see a family member or a friend? This is precisely the situation that the Apostle Paul found himself in. He calls for church leaders of Ephesus knowing that this will be the last message he will ever speak to […]

A Life of Encouragement

Words and actions are the windows of the heart. As you grow deeper in your relationship with Christ those words and actions naturally change to match your spiritual maturity. One of the clearest demonstrations of that maturity is that you become an encourager. In this message, Pastor Dan reveals three of the main ways you […]

A Major Disturbance

What happens when a great move of God comes in contact with a culture steeped in secularism? In short — a major disturbance. In this message, Pastor Dan shows us the characteristics that lead to a city-wide revival. However, we will also see how the enemy clashes with God’s people to resist God’s work.

Who Are You?

So many times we forget that there is a spiritual realm filled with angels and demons. We must stay alert to the fact that spiritual warfare is all around us. Satan has a strategy to destroy you, but God has given you all the resources that you need to walk in victory. In this message, […]

Covenant Coach

The Christian life is inherently defense and offense in nature. Defensively, we strive to keep ourselves pure and free from sin. Offensively, we are focused on building God’s kingdom. However, as Pastor Dan shows us, we are not to do it all on our own. We have a Covenant Coach, the Holy Spirit, who teaches […]

Merchant Mentors

Behind every great man or woman is someone who has played a significant role in influencing their life. In most cases, these mentors are rarely known to the outside world. Nevertheless, they have had a profound impact on the course of history. We shouldn’t sell ourselves short. Every single one of us is a person […]

The Nazarite Christian

What does it look like for a person to be completely sold out to God? As you can imagine, God must be the most important thing in their life. The Jews had a pledge, given in the Old Testament, called a Nazarite Vow that showed their complete devotion to the Lord. The Apostle Paul took […]

The Fellowship of the King

God has given all of us an assignment to reflect His glory and share His gospel with those that are around us. However, sometimes intimidation and fear set in causing us to become paralyzed and unproductive. In this sermon, Pastor Dan shares insights from a time when the Lord spoke to the Apostle Paul and […]

The Mars Hill Approach

Sharing your faith with others is an essential part of being a Christ-follower. But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it. In this message, Pastor Dan will show you an easy-to-remember method that the Apostle Paul used when he shared his faith with the city officials and philosophers in […]

A Kingdom Career

Only 40-50% of Americans are satisfied with their line of work. Only 20% are actually passionate about what they do. That means that millions upon millions of people go to work every day only motivated by their paycheck. But what would happen if you saw your job as so much more than that? In this […]