Passion & Parting Ways

Prior to Paul’s second missionary journey, a conflict arose between Paul and Barnabas – Barnabas wanted to bring John Mark, but since John Mark deserted them previously in Pamphylia, Paul was strongly against it. The conflict was so strong that Paul and Barnabas chose to part ways. Pastor Dan points out that though they split […]

Middle School & Gym Dedication

As Memorial Baptist Church asks God to bless the new school building for Memorial Baptist School, Pastor Dan and Principal Riggs recount many of the ways that God has blessed us over this last, difficult year.

An Introduction to the Book of Acts

In today’s message, Pastor Dan shares insights that we will see throughout the New Testament book of Acts. After Jesus was resurrected and ascends into heaven, the church is established and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Like a fire, Christianity spread throughout the nations. Even though the book was written 2000 years ago, you will […]