A Life of Encouragement

Words and actions are the windows of the heart. As you grow deeper in your relationship with Christ those words and actions naturally change to match your spiritual maturity. One of the clearest demonstrations of that maturity is that you become an encourager. In this message, Pastor Dan reveals three of the main ways you […]

Eternal Perspective

A.W. Tozer once said that the spiritual man learns to think and feel as one who has already left the world. In this sermon Pastor Dan introduces our church’s 2022 theme, Eternal Perspective. Listen and discover how to make the things that last for all of eternity the most important things in your life.

Running Toward Danger

Despite cities that were openly antagonistic to Paul and Barnabas, they chose to build up Christian communities. In the same way, Pastor Dan encourages us to risk our lives for the sake of developing our own Christian ecosystems.

Unity Amidst Diversity

Pastor Dan uses Paul’s loving greetings to his faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to show us how right belief and right practice combine to lead us to an exuberant doxology.

A Man with a Plan

Pastor Dan teaches that like the Apostle Paul, our lives must be both missional and intentional as we fulfill our role in serving the Lord and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.