Covenant Coach

The Christian life is inherently defense and offense in nature. Defensively, we strive to keep ourselves pure and free from sin. Offensively, we are focused on building God’s kingdom. However, as Pastor Dan shows us, we are not to do it all on our own. We have a Covenant Coach, the Holy Spirit, who teaches […]

Eternal Perspective

A.W. Tozer once said that the spiritual man learns to think and feel as one who has already left the world. In this sermon Pastor Dan introduces our church’s 2022 theme, Eternal Perspective. Listen and discover how to make the things that last for all of eternity the most important things in your life.

Processing Rejection

Paul and Barnabas had some great conversations at the synagogue in Acts 13, but the Jews in Pisidian Antioch became jealous of the crowds they were attracting. Pastor Dan reminds us that even when we obediently share our faith, people may reject us just too.

Basics of Sharing Your Faith

Paul and Barnabas related to, engaged with, and declared the gospel to the synagogue of Pisidian Antioch. Pastor Dan encourages us to follow their example in our gospel conversations as well.

Don’t Give Up

Paul’s words to the Church of Corinth to not lose heart still ring true today. Pastor Dan urges us, even in the midst of trials, “Don’t give up!”

Physical Attacks, Spiritual Weapons

In Acts 12, King Herod Agrippa arrested Peter and planned on bringing him out for a public trial following the Passover, yet God chose to send an angel to lead Peter out of the prison. Through this story, Pastor Dan teaches us how in the midst of an attack, our God is in the business of doing […]

Freedom for the World

God used a vision and a unique, evangelistic experience with a centurion to show Peter “that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.” (Acts 10:34-35) Pastor Dan uses this awesome story to point out some of the ways God works in the lives of believers.

Divine Appointments

Sometimes, God gives us ample time to prepare to share the gospel with others, but oftentimes the Holy Spirit prompts us to share with someone without prior notice. Pastor Dan encourages us to respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting just like Philip shared with the Ethiopian official in Acts 8.

Chosen to Serve

In the early days of the church, some of the widows felt overlooked, but the apostles recognized that they alone could not care for them. Therefore, as a church, they chose men who were full of the Spirit and wisdom to be responsible for the daily distribution of food. Pastor Dan explains that like these […]