The Nazarite Christian

What does it look like for a person to be completely sold out to God? As you can imagine, God must be the most important thing in their life. The Jews had a pledge, given in the Old Testament, called a Nazarite Vow that showed their complete devotion to the Lord. The Apostle Paul took […]

Of Farmers and Fishermen

Pastor Dan discusses the qualities of the missionaries chosen by God from the church in Antioch in Acts 13. We should strive to emulate those qualities as fellows missionaries of the gospel.

A Ministry Mindset

“God will supply us with the opportunity, but it’s up to us to do something with it.” Pastor Dan uses Peter’s ministry in Acts 9 to demonstrate how we can be 7-day-a-week Christians.

Never Forget

God made the nation of Israel into his chosen people, yet quite often they dishonored God through their lack of faith. Pastor Dan shows us how we can learn from Israel’s past successes and failures as recounted by Stephen in Acts 7.

Remaining Steadfast

Jesus said plainly in John 16:33, “You will have suffering in this world.” Yet, will we remain steadfast when people speak against us? Pastor Dan uses Stephen’s example in Acts 6 to show us what we must do to remain faithful to Christ in the face of persecution.

Living a Life of Thanksgiving

“Thankfulness is so much more than a point in time. Instead, it’s a point of view.” Follow along with Pastor Dan as we learn to thank God not simply by seeking His hand, but by seeking His face.

Fatal Condition: Part 4 – Found Guilty

The Apostle Paul was writing to the church in Rome to help unify the two major groups of Christians – Jews and Gentiles. With their diverse backgrounds of traditions and practices, only the Gospel could bring them together. In today’s sermon, Pastor Dan shows how both groups had been “Found Guilty” before God with their […]